Cluster your clothes

What does your cluster of clothes look like? Do you compliment you? You boast of a vibrant wardrobe and we help you with mixing and matching the colors and clothes…let the cluster to make you blockbuster!!

  • Cluster your clothes to make the most of your wardrobe
  • Cluster plansheets
  • Love plus logic. The secret buying clothes
  • Mixing Patterns
  • The best buys in business suits for men and women.

Color sense clinic

There are some colors that would suit you better than any other. To find out which those colors are, we undertake some test to match the best color not just to your skin tone but also to your personality.

  • Personal color perception
  • Color wheel
  • Personal color preference
  • Personal color evaluation
  • Personal color selection
  • Fashion colors
  • Psycho-physical effect of color

Fit and Fashion clinic

We assist you in choosing your clothes that accentuate your strong points and make you look Fit, Fabulous and Fashionable.

  • Personal figure evaluation
  • Figure evaluation cheklists
  • Recommended style lines and shapes
  • Quick fit style selection
  • Dressing with style and ease
  • Differing degrees of fit
  • Guidelines for a fabulous fit
  • Dress slim

Lifestyle clinic

Bring out the power of your in-depth personality, charm people with your own distinct sense of styling and appearance. Our assistance goes beyond fashion, where we help you to stimulate your mental image to look smashing and confident.

  • The power of personal appearance
  • Personal lifestyle evaluation
  • Life cycle clothing needs
  • Professional image types
  • Personal / professional style scale [Indian and Western]
  • Goals assessment
  • Low down on dressing

Makeover clinic

Everybody needs a makeover…try something new, dazzling people with innovation in make- up. Take inputs from our professional to shed off the old skin and flaunt the new.

  • Face shape evaluation
  • Skin care evaluation
  • Makeup evaluation
  • Hair care and styling evaluation
  • Beauty tools and equipment [ quick reference guide]
  • Skintelligence [ quick reference guide]
  • Makeup, make down, makeover [quick reference guide]
  • Brush up on hair care

Personal style clinic

Here we undertake certain evaluation to design a distinct and individual style which suits just you. This will help you to stand out from the crowd.

  • Personal style evaluation
  • Personality trait evaluation
  • Degrees of difference
  • Elements of design and personal style
  • Personal style grids
  • Clothing cues
  • Personal values evaluation
  • Personal style file
  • All things are possible

Wardrobe evaluation

What does your cluster of wardrobe look like? Do your clothes compliment you? Do your outfits flaunt your assets? Come to us and we shall help you redo your wardrobe to make a diva out of you without spending anything…

  • Personal interview [client information record ]
  • Wardrobe evaluation [occasion, elements, garment type, accessories]
  • Closet cleanout
  • Cluster ‘sort’
  • Cluster plansheets
  • Cluster planning
  • Shopping list
  • Closet reorganization