Isn’t it true that since childhood, every girl dreams about her wedding day? Knowing the significance of a wedding, we, therefore, go the extra mile to give the exuberant bride all that she needs and more on one of the most important days of her life.

Professional bridal makeup and hair styling

We have a team of creative artist who will create and transform you into the most beautiful bride. Makeup and hair styles are decided, along with the bride, after a face evaluation. Keeping the face-shape, complexion-color, décolletage as the focal point, the complete look is created.

Costume Design

Here we take into account the bride’s choice and taste in fashion as well as the current style which is in vogue. If minimalistic fashion is what the bride desires, we make a checklist of contemporary styles in the minimalistic look and so on. As we are designing for a wedding, culture and dress codes are also taken into much consideration.


Ornaments have to suit the bridal costume. Taking into consideration the bride’s choice, we decide on the jewellery set to be worn on the wedding. Culture also plays an important role as there are some heirlooms that must be worn on this important day.

The final touch

Lataa, the master herself lends some final detailing to the complete look. A dash of makeup here and a touch to the hairstyle can make a lot of difference.

And the rest

And how can we forget two most important people of the day: The bride’s mother and the groom. Our team goes through the complete process with both, leaving no stone unturned preparing them for the momentous occasion. Of course, our bridesmaid is also given the special care.