Shubh Vivaah

Ek lamha, ek shubh kadam, yeh hai zindagi bhar ka saath

Shubh Vivaah

The wedding is the most anticipated day in a girl’s life. It is a momentous occasion and a symbol of the new beginnings making wedding is a significant milestone to a new future. For this special beautiful day, we leave no stone unturned to give the blushing bride our best.

“Shubh Vivaah” is a team of beauty professionals who are experts in dressing up the bride to make her into a ‘Stand- out Princess of the Day’. Lead by Lataa Seth, from select the perfect wardrobes, make-up and accessories for the bride, the team handles the complete look to make the ‘Glowing Princesses’ the most beautiful version of themselves.

A unique you

Every girl has her own fantasies about her D-Day. She wishes it to be that “once-in-a lifetime” moment of her life and a memorable occasion to be remembered eternally. We at “Shubh Vivaah” completely believe in that dream of two soul mates coming together for love and life. Therefore, we pull out all stops to detail and draw up a master plan for this historic ceremony. By spending significant time with the bride we turn her dream, desires and aspirations into reality.